CATI Poster Printing Request

Note: You are strongly advised to give at least 24 hours' notice for poster printing. Submissions with less than 24 hours' notice are not guaranteed to be printed on time!

We have had our best success printing posters from PowerPoint. However, we can print in most file types. Please consult with us if you are using a format other than PowerPoint. Here are some tips if you are going to use PowerPoint to make your poster:

  • Posters can be printed on 24", 36" or 42" matte or glossy paper.
  • Use TrueType fonts (fonts that have "TT" next to their names).
  • Use Page Setup (found under the File menu) to size the poster. This will help ensure the poster will print correctly.
  • Keep about a half-inch margin around the whole poster.
  • Try not to use dark colors for your background.
  • When adding images, try to use the original picture file format. We have had problems in the past when images are copied and pasted into the poster.


  • Please note that there is a 20MB file upload limit.
  • ARI-Funded posters must somewhere include the following statement: "Partial funding for this project has been provided by the California State University Agricultural Research Institute (ARI)." Failure to do so may result in a charge for your poster.
  • On-campus posters not funded by ARI will cost $4 per square foot. Off-campus posters will cost $8 per square foot. Please provide billing info in the form below.

Fields in red are required.

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If you have difficulties submitting your poster, you may e-mail your submission directly to the webmaster. Please include all information from the form above.